Velocity Plant Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Velocity Constructors, Inc. and is the service side of the types of work VCI provides in the public bid job market.  The services Velocity Plant Services (VPS) provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •       Installation of valves of all kinds; flow  measuring instruments; weirs; flumes; troughs; filtration equipment; disinfection equipment; aeration systems; sludge handling equipment; compressors; blowers; chemical feed, mixing, and measuring equipment; pumps of all kinds; valve actuators; process piping (DI, SS, CS, PVC, CPVC, FRP, GS, Cu, tubing, etc) for all fluids including air and gases; lab equipment; monitoring equipment; and disposal equipment;

  •       Replacement &/or Repair services for all of the equipment in both water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, lift stations, and storage facilities;

  •       Heavy Maintenance &/or Repair of pressure and gravity filters including media replacement; clarifier repairs and; large diameter piping and valve replacement; sandblasting, structural modification, and recoating of large and small equipment;

  •       Renovation & Repair services for concrete structures, steel structures (carbon and stainless steel), wood and masonry structures including structural modifications for equipment; resurfacing of concrete and steel tanks and basins; door & window-installations; & hatch installations;

  •       New Construction services including any or all of the equipment, structures, instrumentation, or processes found in Water & Wastewater Treatment facilities;

  •       Demolition and removal service of equipment, piping, instrumentation, pumps, tanks (steel, plastic, fiberglass, concrete), concrete, steel structures, wood and masonry structures, doors, windows, hatches, etc.


Velocity Plant Services’ full line of services assist Owners and Operators to streamline their operations by providing expert labor forces for critical and non-critical needs while maintaining their personnel in the critical day-to-day operations of their facilities!  Let us help you get your “To-Do List” done in a timely manner!

For more Velocity Plant Services information, site visits, requests for quotes, or pre-construction services please contact: Curtis Judd,
Vice President/General Manager @